Monday, April 16, 2007

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A few weeks ago, I commented here on the superb Radio Theatre production story of William Wilberforce dramatized on "Grace Victorious: The Story of William Wilberforce."

Since then, I have listened to the story of John Newton contained in this same Radio Theatre production. Oh, my, is it wonderful.

My drive to work occupies about 30 minutes of my time. After I listen to a quick news summary on the radio, I slid in this CD. Occasionally I would re-listen the next day. An often, I would drive with misty eyes.

Both of the two, Wilberforce and Newton, are impacting. But I do believe John Newton's life dramatized has had far more impact on me. This Radio Theatre series is just too good for anyone to pass up! I can almost assure you that you will not be disappointed.

I look forward to listening to the third and last part about Olaudah Equiano, an African-American who helped lead the fight against the slave trade.

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Carol in Oregon said...

Thanks, Janie, for the review.

Library and Educational Services is my favorite place to buy Radio Theatre CDs.
Their wholesale prices are available to homeschoolers. The price for Amazing Grace is $19.99 + shipping.

We've purchased almost all of the Radio Theater products through this company.