Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday's list

Today, I find myself at home alone. My list today should keep me busy:

  • baking bread -- twelve loaves for the freeze
  • making Pioneer Woman Lasagna
  • vacuuming the whole house which takes at least one hour
  • cleaning three bathrooms and one shower
  • typing booknotes from recently finished books
  • cutting a curtain valence for one bathroom
  • taking the boxful of empty containers to the local recycle dropbox

Finishing everything would give me a great sense of accomplishment.
I really need to start walking again. Or at least put in a Leslie Sansone one or two miler. The unpredictableness of the weather over the past months has shot any walking ambitions I've had, which have been few, and today is no different. Rain. I really wish I could get my ambition back.

School starts back Monday after a week off. So Monday morning, no more laying in bed reading with coffee until I decide to get up. It's back to the "early to bed, early to rise" routine. I was hoping to here from "the school I want to teach in next year" this past week. There is an open humanities (history and literature) position in the upper school that I would love to have. The last I heard from the head of school, he was still working on filling admin positions and would be in touch when he got to the teaching positions.

Somehow, I think if I knew I had a job next year, I would have a goal to shoot for. Right now, it seems I'm in limbo. And waiting is not my forte.

Off to work my list!


Dana said...

Oh! Wow!

What a fantastic link for lasagna!

Truth be known, I havent prepared a homemade one in years. Stouffers or Michaelangelo's just was just too tempting for this busy mom.

But, wait? You dont have enough mouths at home right now for this large quantity?

Home alone, too.

Dana in GA

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Please tell me about your book note-taking. Do you take them in the books themselves (something I haven't been able to let myself do), or on a piece of paper, or what? You sound so organized.

By the way, I received that Gordon MacDonald book yesterday--Ordering Your Private World I think it's called (it's not in front of me). So, that will have to be added to my spring reading list :-).

Seasonal Soundings said...

Oh, yeah, Dana! We haven't eaten it yet, but it smells wonderful and it's not even cooked yet! I've used Stouffers over the past few years too. It's pretty good! Best thing is that it's easy.

I still have two hungry boys at home (ages 19 and 21) and a hungry dh! And on Saturdays, I've always fixed for Saturday and Sunday so that I don't have to cook on Sunday. Makes life simplier!


Seasonal Soundings said...

Kathleen, when I do "booknotes," I simply type into a running document most of the highlighted or flagged passages that I might want to refer back to one day. Or maybe blog about without having to pull out the book. Many books never make it to the booknote stage (lack of time and often too many notes). It's kind of a quirk with me!

I've got my old copy of Ordering in my spring stack though not on my list (I'm quirky with lists too). I really got a lot out of it twenty-some years ago. It will be interesting to see how different, or the same, I feel now!

Organized? I love organization, but I rarely "get there!" And about writing in books...if they are mine, I do it all the time. Underline, highlight, add notes, name it! I should own stock in Post-Its flags!

Donna Boucher said...

How was the lasagna?

Ree's recipe's look fantastic!

Lasagna keeps so well...we eat ours for days and days!