Friday, May 11, 2007

And now,

Now, if you have been counting, you know that the count is off by one day.

That's because we moved the leave day up one day.
So, unless providentially hindered, I will be on the beach from Friday to Friday. In 7 days for 7 days.

Now, some heartwarming news to share -- no, no, no, it isn't about the job :).

21-year-old son, who is leaving shortly to be best man in his best friend's wedding this weekend, walked through and asked if I had a CD of Chopin's Nocturnes. No, but I thought I did. (I guess I had heard oldest daughter play so many on the piano before she got married that I thought I had a CD.) So, why, son? Well, I'm trying to cultivate a broader appreciation for more music and wanted to listen to it as I travel today. Heartwarming. Inside I'm saying yes, yes, cheerleader-style and adding Chopin's complete set of Nocturnes and to my next order. I've missed listening to him, too. And especially to daughter playing our favorite, Nocturne n E minor, op. 72, no. 1. This is a magnificent work of haunting beauty (I love minor-keyed music.) You can listen here and see a copy of the sheet music here.

19-year-old son finishes the paperwork today to change jobs. After three years working at McDonald's, he will begin fulltime work as a dialysis technician, a job in the medical field, which will open up some pay benefits for nursing school. He is halfway through the EMT-Intermediate class and doing well. The class just had a cardiology test this week, and he was disappointed that it was not better taught than it has been. So, he enlisted tutoring from his oldest sister (the one who beautifully played Chopin's Nocturne above) to help him. He spent the day with her and came home saying that She should have taught that class! She explains things so well that it all makes sense. High compliments from brother to sister. Heartwarming. This son, who also on the rescue squad with his R.N. and paramedic sister, is the secretary for our local squad and just volunteered (because no one else would) to fill the vacant chaplain spot.

Then there is some heartwarming about this said-sister. When she had only a few credits left before graduation from college, she decided to change majors to nursing. Because her college did not have a nursing program and she didn't want to spend another three years in school, she opted for the two year RN program at a community college. Now that she has been working as an RN on a cardiac surgery floor for three years and, in addition, gotten her paramediac's license, she is going back to school. (We joke that she will always go to school, somewhere for some thing. Made after her mother, no doubt.) She is planning to take the RN to MSN tract and teach when she finishes. Jobs are aplenty in the teaching field if one has her MSN. She's a gifted teacher--clear, concise, patient. Heartwarming, again.

Every blogger should gush about their children every once in a while!

Now, on with the day. There is plenty to finish in the next 7 days!


DebD said...

Indeed! Brag away mom.

Carol in Oregon said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I as excited with you. How lovely to see the fruit of your efforts - fruit that is good, that is beautiful and nourishing. The Chopin request is jaw-dropping wonderful.

Last night I had a lovely off-the-cuff conversation with my oldest son, who had called to ask his dad something. As we chatted casually and comfortably about things both pragmatic and philosophic I was held in wonder that I have been given such a friend as this.

And......I'm still praying (about the job). Please, Lord!

Dana said...

Yes, bragging rights are afforded!

Enjoyed your Fine ARt Friday entry, too.

Dana in GA