Tuesday, May 08, 2007


No, not the vacuuming and dusting kind of housekeeping.

Rather, the rearranging kind.

I have always liked to move the furniture around in rooms every few years. And to change the valences that top the windows. And maybe change the pillows.

Little things like that.

But the housekeeping I've been doing this morning (and subsequently avoiding some very necessary I-must-get-these-done-before-the-beach items on my list), I've been doing here at Seasonal Soundings.

For a long time now, I've tried to figure out just how to add a banner to the top of the blog.

Well, this morning, dear Donna at Quiet Life posted a link to these easy directions. At first as I scanned them, I thought it would take me forever to figure it out. But, happily, it didn't. I was already dressed up but had no place to go! I had the banner but didn't know where to put it.

Easy as pie. Easier, in fact.

If you already have your banner designed (I did mine in PowerPoint--I love that program--edited it in Picassa, then saved it to my pictures and uploaded it into Photobucket and probably took the long way around to do it), all you need to do is follow step seven. If you are using the new template, it is super easy!

And I'm tickled pink! Now I can change the banner photo to match the seasons. And more often, if I choose. Which I probably will sometimes!

Fun, fun, fun.

Of course, I really should be busy doing important things. But after the day I had yesterday subbing, I really feel the need to indulge myself in something fun.

Yesterday was awful. Awful. I have never felt that way. Maybe it was partly due to not wanting to work yesterday which was mostly due to wanting that special job at that special school which I have to wait at least another week to see if I am bypassed.

Anyway, the English teacher I subbed for yesterday has some of the most rude and unruly classes, particularly because he has not trained them to respect the teacher as their authority and act respectful like they need to. I've been in those classes before, but yesterday's class took the cake.

And to top it off, one of the review sheets he assigned had errors in it. Not errors that students were to correct, though. These were grammatical errors from the teacher.

And this smart aleck substitute told those students about those errors.

"I could of laid in bed all day."
His correction, and only correction of this sentence was "I could of lay in bed all day."
"Could have," not "could of."

"Who would of guessed that Carrie had sprained her ankle on the first play?"
His correction, again: "Who would of guessed that Carrie sprained her ankle...."
Again, "would of"?

Then there was this one:
"The first time that Macbeth met the witches, he believed their predictions."
I don't see the error; the sentence is parallel, I think: Macbeth met...he believed.
Both in past tense. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

TeacherMan says the correction should be: "The first time that Macbeth met the witches, he had believed their predictions."
Again, that smart aleck substitute told the class that she thought the sentence was correct and that the correction was wrong.

Hah! Maybe he will request not to have me again.
That will satisfy me!

Now back to important things on my desk.

That banner photo, by the way, was taken not far from where I live. Isn't that a pretty mountain. The trees up there are just beginning to bloom.


Carol in oregon said...

Very nice, Janie. I saw the picture and thought, "that could be close to my house!" But it's close to yours! It's lovely.

I will look forward to the seasonal changes at Seasonal Soundings.

On the Macbeth sentence, shouldn't the first clause be in the pluperfect, the past of the past? Macbeth *had* met the witches ... he believed.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, Carol!

That makes much more sense than his answer.

Good Tuesday to you, too!

DebD said...

It looks lovely. I'll have to squirrel that info away as I hope to spend some time this summer updating my blog.

Hope all your beach preps go smoothly. I leave for Cancun on Sat. and feel completely unprepared. All I need is a passport, a bathing suit, and a good book - right?

Carrie K. said...

Love the new banner!

Patti said...

...and I think that the first one should have been "could have lain in bed..."

lay, laid, laid
lie, lay, lain

The banner is beeeuuutiful.

I'm not a very artistic/creative person--about my only outlet for that kind of thing is revamping my blog.:-)

desert mom said...

Nice banner, Janie. And thank you for the instructions as I too am hoping to fiddle with my blog someday soon, though probably not until June. I love hearing about your forays into the teaching world.

Donna Boucher said...

Yay! I love the new banner.
I was so busy looking at the kitties I didn't read all the way down to see that you figured out how to make your own banner!
I'm so glad it helped you, too :o)

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, girls, and especially Donna for posting the easy how-to!
I love pretty!

Sherry said...

I'm with you on the grammar corrections. I think the Macbeth sentence is fine the way it is. And "could of" and "should of"? What was that teacher thinking?