Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's settled...

And if it is like all the other courses I've purchased, it will arrive tomorrow before lunch.

The Teaching Company not only has great shipping speed, but living only a few hours from their facility means FedEx usually has orders in my hand less than 24 hours after purchase.

Talk about instant gratification!


Kathleen Hamilton said...

Like you, I usually toss the catalogs directly into the recycling bin because if I don't...

I still have several that I haven't watched or listened to (I prefer the DVDs for the courses Connor will be using). A couple we will use next year, and a couple the year after (yes, I plan ahead!). I also have the download of the Luther one to listen to.

But, hey! Not fair that you live so close. It takes 5-6 days for the courses to arrive in Oregon (unless I opt for the downloads).

Tim Agazio said...

When I discovered I can download the courses and play them on my IPOD or computer I knew I was in trouble. One evening I downloaded 3 courses...This is good because I was running out of space to store the CDs and cassette tapes.

Tim Agazio
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