Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Teaching Company enticements

Lately, every Teaching Company catalog or sale flier that arrives in my mailbox passes right into the trashcan.
Without me looking at it.
At all.

Things are safe that way. If you know what I mean.

No enticements.

But I accidently opened up and
an e-mail reminder about the current sale which ends this Thursday.

I couldn't help it.

I scrolled.

And I found

Francis of Assisi


at Scientific Ideas That Changed the World

And now I want to know if anyone has seen / heard any lecture from either.
I'm afraid I'm will succumb.

And that I will add two more courses to my shelves.

If you can warn me, "No, Janie, you will be disappointed. These courses don't measure up to The Teaching Company usually excellent lectures" you will save me $100.

Of course, I do have that unspent Christmas money tucked away....

Hurry, hurry. Tell me!!


Janice Campbell said...

Oh, Janie-
You know better-- ALL the Teaching Company courses are wonderful. There's no hope!
I'm not letting myself look either....

Carol in oregon said...

They sound good, but I'm not familiar with them. We should really start a network of loaning them out to one another. Except all the ones I've been listening to this year are already on loan from my brother.

I haven't been impressed with *one* of the courses I heard. It was on the High Middle Ages by a younger professor and he only referenced books written from 1999 forward.

Our library has been cooperative about purchasing courses I've recommended. Thus far the ones they've gotten have been popular and often checked out.

I *love* that you'd like to spend Christmas money on Teaching Company courses, Janie!

PS - still praying here.

Michelle in MO said...

Dear Janie:

I haven't heard the professor with "St. Francis of Assisi," but I love St. Francis, so if he's at all decent, I'm sure the course will be!

Circle of Quiet said...

I've actually thought of Carol's suggestion..."I'll buy this science DVD and this history DVD...you buy that art one and that music one." Maybe we'll have to discuss the rules over brunch at the Cracker Barrel (-:

Glad you decided to get it (-:


maplehouse said...

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