Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring sounds that make me smile

About 5 a.m. every spring morning, and then again about 9 p.m., a lovely sound that I associate with contentment wafts through the damp air.

The whippoorwill is calling. Listen to this rhythmic repetition.

Every morning this week, she has called at 5 a.m. I love it. I smile. I am made happy. Just like Robert Frost penned in "A Prayer for Spring."

The whippoorwill is not what I would call a pretty bird but rather plain, homely, and out of proportion creation.

But she can sing lovely sounds.

Read more here about the whippoorwill.

Another spring sound that makes me smile is from this little frog.

Spring peepers really are small - smaller than the size of a quarter.

The spring peepers congregate for their springtime revival services every evening at both of our creeks. They can get pretty noisy. But they sound so happy!

Listen to these happy sounds.

If these sounds have whetted your appetite for more, read this earlier post about some wonderful nature books that feature stunning photography and a fascinating audio CD of nature sounds. In particular, A Guide to Night Sounds by Lang Elliott includes the whippoorwill and the peeper plus a whole lot more.

Also, an online source for bird sounds can be found

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