Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A few beach pictures

Every afternoon, a mallard duck visited the pool.
One afternoon there were two.

Least terns were plentiful this year. Or at least at this particular time of the year. They congregated on the roof of the building we were in and every so often throughout the day, they were fly to the water for silversides.

They displayed the oddest sort of behavior. After one would catch a silverside in his beak, he would land on the sand amidst one or two other least terns, shake the fish around, and squawk. No one tried to take the fish away. Frankly, they didn't pay him a bit of attention. Finally, he would either fly away or eat the fish. We thought this might be some sort of mating ritual.
Any ideas?

[Addendum: M-mv found this description and I found this picture sequence. Behaviors are so interesting!]

See the thin crescent of the moon visible about 2 p.m.?

Then, about 10 p.m. Same moon, but now with Venus at her side.
Notice how she flips from one side to the other?

Just before sunrise. Beautiful and quiet.


ukrainiac said...

Love the pictures. I can feel the calm of the early morning shot...

Interesting comparing daytime and nighttime moon...

Anonymous said...

Can I come sit on one of the chairs tomorrow morning?

© 2003-2007 M-mv said...

Take a look at this:


Scroll to "A Mating Performance of The Least Tern."

Seasonal Soundings said...

M-mv, thanks for the link. That description is about what I saw! I had found this one later too, in pictures:


Interesting creatures.

desert mom said...

Beautiful pictures, Janie. And, I am impressed that you viewed the sunrise while on vacation!