Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fine Art Friday

Deborah DeWit Marchant

How appropriate for this second day of summer!

Though I do not stretch out on the grass to read, or anything else (I cannot abide the eensy-weensy biting and crawling insects on my body), there is an "ah" about this painting. A bit of nostalgia left over from those fresh and free summer days of youth.

In my current reading stack is some Gervase Phinn --the "James Herriot of schools," a stack by Carol Jago on teaching the classics in the classroom which is captivating, Ordering Your Private World (McDonald, a re-read), and the first book in The Oxford Chronicles trilogy (Jeschke). Plus, assorted reading in preparation for sixth grade New World history and literature.


Carol in Oregon said...

Oh those Jeschke books have been tantalizing me for quite some time. I read a review in World that had me drooling. What period of history will you be covering?

Carol in Oregon said...

Ah. New World History. A Beka?

Seasonal Soundings said...

A Beka is the stated text, but as I told the headmaster, I do not stick to a text. My resources are piling up on the table here and I have got to get some stuff--a plan--down on paper asap! The HM seems pleased I am not confined to the text, so I'll see how true that is. I've got to come up with a very do-able literature list to cover and want it to reflect our history and geo studies. I'll have to come up with two lists: one for high achievers and one for very average students. Suggestions welcome!

ellen b said...

Has jeschke come out with the third one?

Seasonal Soundings said...

Hi Ellen,
Yes, the third one is entitled Evasions. Have your read the first two?

DebD said...

I think you will like Phinn... such a delight. I have not heard of the others.

Love the picture. Made me go aaahhh.