Monday, June 18, 2007

A great day...


Never, ever
load the washer with items that potentially will throw the balance off
and then leave.

I knew better.

But I had my day planned. Determined to drag myself out of a month-long mode of sloth-and-slug, I arose early to read and have morning coffee. As the night gave way to day, I loaded the washer with sofa covers, carefully arranging them to avoid an unbalanced washer during the spin cycle. Then I don my CD player with "Great Scientific Ideas that Changed the World" and set off to walk with the anticipation of hanging the clean covers on the clothesline when I return.

The washer and dryer are housed in our large downstairs bathroom. I love this arrangement because the bathroom is large and there is plenty of space to accommodate the appliances, plus a large drying rack and a bar for hanging clothes waiting to be ironed.

As I enter the bathroom after walking, I notice the crooked placement of the washer. Then I notice a glisten on the floor. I know that glisten is not from a nice clean floor; it is from a wet floor. It is, of course, water. Enough water to wash out the lint that has collected under the washer since the last time this happened.

It was a good thing, I suppose, that I had a half-load of large, heavy dirty towels right there waiting to be washed too. They became my initial mops, making the job much easier.

I was fussing at myself for doing the very thing I knew I shouldn't do just to be efficient with my time and activities this morning.

Funny...during this mop-up stage, oldest son is leaving for work. He calls to me as he walks out the door, "Bye, Mom, I love you."

I call back, "Love you, too! Have a great day, L. Remember you are the one to make it a great day!"

I say this because he struggles sometimes with the difficulties that come from this particular boss-employee arrangement.

About the time that these words of encouragement come out of my mouth, I realize I have no problem telling someone else this, but I often have a problem realizing this myself.

Yes, in the midst of mopping up water from the bathroom floor, I can make this a great day anyway.

A great day can be one in which significant life lessons are learned, not necessarily a day absent of difficulties.


Dana said...

Yup! Right on!

Can't let one person (or thing) ruin one's day. They are just too precious to waste.

Dana in GA

DebD said...

Boy! did I need to hear this yesterday on the way to church.

A Servant of the King said...

Just think how clean your floors are now!!