Friday, June 01, 2007

Spring Reading Challenge WrapUp


A Diary of Private Prayer (Baillie)

Moby Dick with the audio (Melville)

The Call (Guiness)

Long Journey Home (Guiness)

The Passionate Learner (Fried)

Poetic Knowledge (Taylor)

Reading Aloud & Beyond (Serefini)

Loving God with All Your Mind (Veith)

Dr. Jenner & the Speckled Monster (Marrin)

There Are No Shortcuts (Esquith)

Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire (Esquith)

The Chosen (Potok)

The Promise (Potok)

Executive Power (Flynn)

Crisis (Cook)

Halfway finished:
The Crown of Fire: Polycarp Bishop of Smyrna (Newson)

Continuing daily:
The Aquinas Prayer Book (Aquinas)

Faith Alone (Luther)

The One Year Book of Poetry (Comfort)

The Intellectual Devotional (Kidder)

Truths We Confess (Sproul)

My ambitious list was ambitious. But considering that I started substitute teaching during this time, I am satisfied with my progress.


Carol in Oregon said...

Wow! You are in the vanguard. If you only knew how many books from your lists skip on over to mine!!

Are you liking the Intellectual Devotional?

Seasonal Soundings said...

After my eyes got accustomed to the tiny print, I like it. I saw these on a gifts for grads table at B&N. Never thought about that before, but it would be an idea!

Lots of your books are finding a place on my lists too. It's just that that the lists are a few years down the road!