Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Reading Challenge

One task I had planned for today was to cobble together the Summer Reading Challenge post. So I'm dragging my lip up off the floor and putting one foot in front of the other and doing it.

I had not posted my list earlier because I knew if the job came through, my list would be altered. A lot. But, it didn't and it wasn't. How's that for ambiguous antecedents?

Ever since the beach, I've felt like enjoying some fluff for a while, or at least nothing "school-ish" or scholarly (not that I really read anything scholarly anyway), but you get the idea, I hope. I think my revised list will be all fiction. At least for June.

First of all, I think I am going to finish Memorial Day by Vince Flynn. Flynn writes some fast-paced political thrillers that many say are better than Tom Clancy. I've never read Tom Clancy, so that part I wouldn't know, but he does suck you into a story that is hard to put down. Then, I think I'll just go ahead a finish all the rest of the Flynn books: Consent to Kill, and Act of Treason. This way, I'll be up-to-date when his new one comes out in the fall.

Then, I want to enjoy the trilogy by Melaanie Jeschke: Inklings, Expectations, and Evasions that I had planned on reading this summer anyway, plus the second book Walt Buckalew wrote in his Rebecca trilogy, By Many or By Few.

Finally, I hope to add Going Somewhere (George Grant) and Country Days (Taylor).

For my morning reading, I'm going to lighten up. Why not? And I think I might pause reading Luther's Faith Alone and do Philip Keller's Outdoor Moments with God instead. Plus I'll add another of Phyllis Tickle's books, The Graces We Remember: Sacred Days of Ordinary Time and Ordering Your Private World (MacDonald).

At some point I need to finish The Crown of Fire: Polycarp Bishop of Smyrna (Newson).

So there's my list.

Anyone else who wants to read intentionally this summer with the Seasonal Soundings' bunch, please post your list in the comments or a link to your list on your blog so I can edit it into this post. I'll continue updating through next week.

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DebD said...

I just finished up my compiling my list and posted it:

Summer Reading Challenge


Kathleen Hamilton said...

I just posted my list over at RCR! I don't know how to do the HTML link in a comment like Deb did, but here's the regular old link:

Carrie K. said...

Here's my link:

Carol in Oregon said...

Huffing and puffing to catch up with y'all.....

Here's my list!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I finally finished mine!

Heidi said...

The link above is to my wrap-up for the Spring Reading Challenge. I put my list together for the Summer Challenge. Here is the new link:


Kelli in TN said...

Hi there! I finally got my list together. It is in the sidebar of my blog.

Barb said...

Oh, I am so excited and would love to join in. Here is the link to my list:

Thanks so much for doing this each season and for your blog itself. It is one I look forward to each day.

Miss Paula said...

Here is my link:

Gathering of Friends

Thanks for the Challenge!!!

Going right away to post!!

ukrainiac said...

Here is my link:

Thanks for getting this all together!

Laura - Walking the Long & Winding Road said...

List is up at
Thank you so much, Janie, for your help!


Bluebonnet Academy said...

Please count me in!!

Summer Reading Challenge List


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm being told my link on this post isn't working. Haven't a clue what the error message means.

I know books...not computers. :)

So glad to see all the reading lists! Once my family goes back to New England, I'll have more time to look through all of them.

Holly said...

Here's my blog, Serenity Now. It is my first attempt at a blog. The summer reading challenge inspired me to begin a blog.

Leann said...

I will be joining you in this but I won't be able to put things up for a few days due to travel. Thanks! :)

Laura - Walking the Long & Winding Road said...

Janie - Here is the link to my actual list... figuring this out one day at a time!


Holly said...

Not a huge deal, but you listed my name as Hope instead of Holly at Serenity Now. Actually, I kind of like Hope :) But, my name is really Holly. Thanks a bunch!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Ohh, I'm sorry Holly, which my mind knew but my fingers typed otherwise! Another incidence of the disconnect between mind and body!

Thanks for letting me know,

ukrainiac said...

Just realized that I hadn't given you my name...


Again, thanks for inspiring us all to get reading...

ellen b said...

I would love to join the fun, here is my link to my reading list so far...

A Servant of the King said...

Here's the post containing my list:

Juanita said...

Thanks for encouraging us to plan ahead! I've just started reading your blog.
My list is posted at my blog:



Leann said...

Finally got mine up...

Leann at Prattling Pastor's Wife