Friday, July 13, 2007

Before I go...

I need to push this great movie.

Dh and I just spent the last two evenings watching "A Woman Called Moses" which is about the life of Harriett Tubman. The movie is fantastic. It's one of those that leaves you thinking about it long after the disc is out of the player.

Even though we read about Harriett many times in our years of school, we never had the sense of what a magnanimous person of perseverance and faith she was until this movie.

Some of you may have seen this before (I hadn't and had never heard of it) because it was a 1970's made-for-TV movie. Cecily Tyson plays Harriett for most of the movie. It is about three hours long and divided into two parts, but for shorter sections, divided into 15-20 minute chapters.

Watch the movie. You will not be disappointed.

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