Friday, July 06, 2007

Fine Art Friday

Wisdom and Wildness
Deborah DeWit Marchant

Anything books and cats, and I like it.

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I am making progress. I have too. Because...
T W O beach trips have been scheduled between now and August 9 when I start school. One trip with my oldest daughter and another with my sister.

Neither could go at the same time, both wanted to go.
Simple solution: go twice!

So I really have to hoof it.

Done so far:

Sixth grade history topics and page numbers chosen and arranged by week.
Geography topics and page numbers chosen and arranged.
All but one literature unit decided.
Grammar topics and page numbers sequenced.
Spelling arranged.
Yet to do:
Collate sixth grade history and geography. completed, Friday
Collate all English (spelling, grammar, literature, read alouds) on one sheet. completed, Saturday
Decide any major projects and field trips.
List required books to read for history.
Insert writing lessons.
A list of things I'll probably never get to.
Clean up the piles of books.
Next week I'll find out for sure whether or not I teach World History to 8th graders. That's a whole nuther ball of wax to design. But if I finish with 6th grade history this week, I will be more than satisfied.

I would really, really like to get all this mapp
ed out so I can clean up the room here, arrange my plan books, rest, and settle into a routine that includes time for personal relaxation and not doing school stuff every waking minute. I love what I do but I don't want this to take over and become all that I do.

Obviously, my presence will be hit-and-miss fo
r the next few days or weeks. Years??

Dana, I got the movie 12 Angry Men on your suggestion, but haven't had time to watch it. Dh got tired of waiting for me and watched it tonight. I could listen in the background and thought it was intriguing. Dh thought it was great movie. Thanks! I updated the list.

Oh, and oldest ds has decided he wants to hike the AT when he graduates from college this winter. Or at least part of it. He hiked today on a beautiful section and met some bear
s. He was alone. Except for my camera! Enjoy the shots.

Click to enlarge, and the vistas are really beautiful.

Since it was late afternoon and in the dark woods, this is the picture he took when he saw the bears. It was too dark. But....

I lightened it, and, voila! whaddayaknow!
Can you see him?
You can even see his eyes.


Dana said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures.

I think I see the bear.

At any rate, I'm glad you intend to watch 12 Angry Men. It is an interesting character study. Not an action film like so many are these days.

Dana in GA

Dana said...

Forgot to mention that I have a nephew hiking the AT as we speak. I hope to see him in about one week. Will report :)

Dana (again)

ellen b said...

What glorious shots. You really do get a reward for sweating the trails!