Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A lovely day

The day was absolutely lovely. Lovely, dark, and deep. It started out lovely with the beautiful gibbous moon still high in the western sky and glowing against the dark, dark blue, while at the same time in the east, the morning sun's first hint of her emergence shown in the pinkish-red horizon. Sunrise does not last long. While I drive between two mountains jutting to obscure my view of the horizon, she arises. I love sunrises.

Such was the beginning of my yesterday. I was taking a day trip. A long day trip. And the object the day trip was to meet someone I've known for seven years though we had never met in person. I was able to spend a fe
w hours having lunch and much conversation with the lovely Circle of Quiet lady. She and her husband flew across the country to celebrate their anniversary visiting some colonial settlements and Civil War battlefields in the Commonwealth.

When she con
tacted me several months ago about the possibility of meeting, I was humbled that she would want to share several hours of her anniversary trip with me. With the invitation, I was bound to meet this dear and special lady. You see, she is the one who gently and consistently prodded me to start a blog. If it had not been for Diane, I doubt seriously if I would have ever ventured into this blogging world that has given me opportunity for roads I probably would never have traveled. Thank you, Diane. Our lunch and conversation time was much too short. No doubt that we could have spent several days and still not finished or grown tired. But since their plane was to leave, we parted. What a special treat.

Unable to ever travel the beautiful Shenandoah Valley without my camera, I snapped away, even driving 70 mph on the tractor-trailer-laden interstate. Sometimes, I didn't even have a chance to lower the window for a clearer shot, and one without a bird dropping! Ignore it.

One side-stop on my return was to a warehouse that holds a book fair several times a year. And this was one of the times. Completely new books, hardbacks at dirt-cheap mass-market paperback prices. I picked up a few old favorites to add to my personal classroom library. My shopping cart was the dessert to an uncommon day of treats!

Since I plan to read The Hobbit this year with my sixth graders, I needed copies. Even prices for
used paperba
cks were going to run about $5 with shipping.

But, oh look what I found...and got. The Annotated Hobbit. Beautiful hardbacks, which will probably last longer than I will, full of color illustrations and sidebar-rich annotations. For only $6.50 each. It is a good thing I do not live close enough to go very often.

I have a stack of mail yet
to open with ordered supplementary lesson material, and a year's worth of finally decided upon history lessons to transcribe to my plan sheet that await me today. Plus, I found out that I will also be teaching 8th grade World Studies history class. I thought that it would also be American history but found out this morning it will be world history.

Much to do and only weeks left to do it.

Toodles for now.


Carol in Oregon said...

I'm half crying and half smiling. What a treat!! Oh, what would I give - What Would I Give!! - to join you for that short time?

Thank you, Diane, for pushing Janie towards blogging. You both have made me a very, very wealthy woman. Rich in ideas, rich in friendship, rich in books, rich in a passion for learning and teaching, rich in pictures.

And the books! Oh, what a treasure trove of books. What a blessed day.

I'm coming to Virginia! (someday)

Donna Boucher said...

What a lovely sight!
Two of my favorite ladies!!!
You two look beautiful and happy!

Yay for Diane and Janie!

DebD said...

Sounds like such fun. Ohhh, I am so jealous of the Annotated Hobbit (not that I need quite as many as you got).

I should like to find out where the warehouse is. I'm not far from the Shenandoah Valley. Do they have a link?

I'm also glad Diane talked you into blogging. Its been a treat for me.

Dana said...

So, will you sell those Hobbits to your students or give them?

I, too, have picked up some interesting tidbits from Diane.

Dana in GA

Seasonal Soundings said...

I would welcome all of you with open arms if you came to VA!

About those Hobbits...They will be mine unless the school wishes to buy them (though I'm not going to seek that). I figure I must keep them all together to use from year to year.

And about where that book fair is, Deb...it's right outside Bridgewater, just south of Harrisonburg. Here's the link. You will love it!

Carrie K. said...

What a lovely way to spend the day - and such a beautiful picture of the two of you!

desert mom said...

What a lovely picture of you and Diane and what a pleasure your lunch together must have been! Diane has been my blogging mentor as well.

Circle of Quiet said...

It was a slice of heaven, Janie. I can only hope and pray we can do it again sometime.

We arrived home safely and we've had a lovely reunion with everyone here.

Love to you,

DebD said...

Janie - thanks so much for the link. That is indeed close enough for me to make a day of it. Hopefully, someday soon.

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Oh, how wonderful! Meeting people we have "known" for years is a great experience. I am to have that singular pleasure early next month--I will meet a fellow homeschool mom only known to me via the internet. She lives in Alabama! I can hardly wait.

I still hope that when we visit colleges next year (one of which is in Virginia) that maybe we can meet as well. And I want to see this bookstore!!!