Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh, the places you can go!

I am just tickled pink!

I've been using Dinah Zike's project books for years, yet I finally bought her how-to video. Her enthusiasm is contagious. All kinds of what-ifs and why-nots have been rolling around (those pinballs again) my head.

One of her suggestions is to let students write on only half-, or even quarter-, sheet paper for short descriptions or reports.

One thing led to another this morning, and the creativity that I thought I didn't have finally emerged. With the help of PowerPoint and Google images, I designed some half-sheet sized writing paper to use in our Explorers studies!

Stints like this are why my days are now 20 and 21 hours long. That will have to stop. But for now, yoo-hoo! I'm havin' a blast!


Here are basic directions for making your own sheets:

I google-imaged something like "explorer's ships," chose one I liked and copied it into Powerpoint. Then I right-clicked, chose format picture.
Under the picture tab, for color, I chose grayscale.
Then I played around with brightness / contrast to get the right amount for a background-type image. I didn't want anything bold, just something barely there.
Then I auto-rectangled the image, (it always comes up an opaque color for me, so I right clicked and chose no-fill), and framed it nicely around the picture.
Now I was ready to put lines on. By choosing a textbox and sizing up the width, I then typed my lines. Afterwards, I moved the textbox around to make it just right.

Since I made half-sheets, I had to cut and paste one part at a time to the other side and adjust.


Michelle Matheny said...

That is so neat! How did you do it? I would love to design something like this for my youngest, Emily, for book reports this next year (MA/Ren.). Can you get Google images for free? How do you copy them into Power-Point and add the lines?

podcastin cyndi said...

Oh my gosh - this is so cool! Can you come to Pawhuska, OK and give me a little one-on-one tutorial?!

Michelle Matheny said...

Janie, you have me inspired now! I'm not very familiar at all with PowerPoint. However, I got on MS Word yesterday and made up a couple of book report forms, using Google images (are they copyrighted?) and then typing in "lines" for my youngest to write on. I did St. Augustine and The Fall of Rome. I'm thinking about looking through SOTW Vol. 2 and VP for MA/Ren. and using images from the major books covered for the grammar stage and making up book report forms. If I actually complete this project, I'll let everyone know (as long as I'm not violating any copyright rules using Google images!)

Kate said...

very cool! i'd like to do that for some quick and easy stationary!

Carol in Oregon said...

What I would give to have had you for my teacher....

I'm tickled with you.