Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All about me

I have been busy, busy, busy.

With seven teacher's days, which includes a "business" day in which parents come on Thurs. to do whatever--probably pay, every day is filled with morning meetings and afternoons working in the classroom. I finally got my two bulletin boards done. I've never done one before and am not too creative there. So whatever I do has do be easy, not take lots of time, and be able to stay up a while. Anyway, they are done. (One is color dustcover reprods of the read alouds we will do. Plenty of space is left, so as the kids finish books on their own, I will print a cover and add it. Wonder how long it will take to fill the board? The other bb is of a sailing ship with the poem “Ships sail east and ships sail west, by the self-same breezes blow. It's the set of the sail and not the gale that determines where they go." That fits with our opening Explorer unit, plus it has a good moral lesson.)

All the books that I've taken are up on shelves. My desk is done but I haven't gotten accustomed to where things go, so the desktop collects stuff. I am satisfied with the way the room is though. And that's important to me!

This afternoon I covered all the preposition bingo cards I'd run off with contact laminate. With only three days left, I want to get the memory stuff written on my flipcharts, an explorer project display complete, and some more lesson plans and my syllabi finalized to hand out. Parents drop by on Thursday, so probably not much will get done then.

I need a laptop. Dh and I have talked about it and think it is a wise and almost necessary item. If I had that, I would be so much more able to work on lesson plans at school since the plans are all on my desktop computer. Thumbdrives can travel! I hope to get one ordered in the next month.

My schedule is a God-send. Remember they were planning to split the English 6 into two? Well, last Thurs they asked me (told me it was completely my decision) what I thought about leaving the classes together and increasing the time. The schedule they had come up with for me was (by periods): Eng 6, Eng 6, History 6, lunch, study hall supervision, History 8, study hall supervision, planning. (That's a dream schedule as it is, imo!)

Their question was to combine the first three periods and give them all to me to from 8:30 to 11 for English and New World history. I could decide how to spend the time and take breaks. They knew I was used to doing schedules like that, and I appreciated their confidence. I grabbed it! Even though there are slower Eng students, with the non-interruption of bell breaks, I will be able (I hope) to work it all out. I LOVE the long period. PERFECT for consistency. Some days will be heavy in English, some in history. I hope it works out as well as I think!

The sixth grade is the largest class in the school this year--17. My room is big with plenty of space even after the desks and bookcases and tables, too. And it’s right across from the bathrooms. And right beside the side door... great to slip the class outside during nice fall days.

The study hall will be mainly supervision, but I am to help/tutor students in there who need help with particular content. I'm not too worried about the World Studies history for 8th grade (11 students). It will be pretty straightforward textbook-wise this first year. (I’m going to get the 6th grade under my belt this year.)

Oh, and by last Wed, I knew I was getting something. Thursday and Friday I coughed like a consumptive person, couldn't sleep for coughing, but couldn't get appt with MD on Fri. I did find a walk-in MD in town in our hospital system who was open Sat. Got to see him----bronchitis. Got so antibiotics, cough syrup, and an inhaler. Much better now. Made it through the day today with having a cough-up-your-toenails spell. Progress. Yucky low-grade fever is gone too.

I have not had minutes to myself for days now. And definitely no free computer time. I hope that will change as I settle in. I miss talking to my friends!

(Forgive this hastily written post, please!)


Patti said...

Well, Janie, it sounds like you're off and running. I enjoy having a peek into your new life. Glad you're feeling better with the medications.

Carol in Oregon said...


It's so good to hear about your plans. The bulletin boards sound great.

When is the first day with students?
The 20th?

Oh, you kids out there in VA! I want to shake you (happy shakes), look you in the eye, and make sure you understand what a *privilege* you have been given.

I hope you are chipper soon.

Carrie K. said...

Whew - you sound busy! Glad your schedule is coming out to your liking.

I pray your first days with your students go very, very well.

Kathleen Hamilton said...

It was so good to hear about what has been going on. Those lucky kids--they will not realize the treasure they have in you, though maybe some of them will 20 years or so from now!

I'll be praying for the school year.

Circle of Quiet said...

Dear Janie,

So sorry to hear about the bronchitis. You're in my prayers. I am so excited for your school year!!

John was just reassigned to five history sections for the years -- no more language arts!!! Huge change for him, and less papers to grade. He's excited.

Sending you loads of love and "YOU CAN DO IT!!!"s for the new year.


PariSarah said...

How exciting!! I hope you get everything you want to get done, done, so that you feel totally prepared for the new year!