Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to my schoolroom!

Let’s take a tour... (captions are under the pictures)

Standing in the hall outside the door.

This is my welcome sign.

I guess you might say this is my motto this year.

All these empty chairs just waiting for those sixth and eighth graders!

That large empty wall between the two windows will be where some drawing projects will happen. I can hang large paper for drawing huge maps or other things. Plus, it gives good space
to display student projects.

Turning to the left, you see the front of the room.
I love the long table and my personal bookstand.

From the back of the room you can see the whiteboard.
See those blue strips on the board? I used painter’s tape to mark off assignment blocks for each of my content classes.

Here’s the right corner. I have one of those large science project folder on the table that I will use for various displays. In a few weeks, it will be all about explorers. For now, I clipped Philippians 4:8 that I traced with the overhead projector the other day. I plan to decorate the sides but haven’t had time.

See my first attempt at a bulletin board? The poem fits with the upcoming explorers unit but also has a deeper moral about life.

This is my News You Can Use board of interesting current events.

My second attempt at a bulletin board made me realize how much stuff gets swallowed up by space. I’ll learn. These are book jackets of read-alouds this year. Since there is so much empty space, I plan to add book covers of student reading.

This is the project supply cabinet in the back of the room. I added a large corn plant and plan to add more plants throughout the year. It softens the rough edges of the room.

One of the small bookcases in the room topped by one of my favorite flower arrangements from home. I stuck in the virtue sticks from a Toastmasters speech prop earlier this spring.

Another verse I copied and just sat in the marker tray. I want this to be our year’s verse, Micah 6:8.

My corner.

I decided to put my desk angled in the back of the room. To the desk’s left is a three-drawer file cabinet that is quickly filling. I like the way I have things arranged. I think it is aesthetically pleasing. You’ll see the large tropical plant that my oldest son gave me for Mother’s Day and the pelican I got at the beach. If you look closely you can see all the sticky notes on the desktop of things I still need to finish.

The only time I know I see the room from this view is during my planning period which is last period. Couldn't get better than that for me!

I have two study halls in here too.

My husband said he could tell how excited I am. I didn't realize I was that gushy about it. But I am. I really am excited and looking forward to the year. There will be some big bumps in the road, no doubt, but I hope that, all in all, this will be a very good year. I am realizing more and more that I am here, and not there, for a particular reason. And I am eager to run the race before me and to be a good and faithful servant. Prayers for a smooth Monday would be appreciated!


DebD said...

How exciting! I will indeed remember you in my morning prayers.

The room looks lovely and inviting.

Carrie K. said...

Your classroom looks beautiful! I will be praying for you on Monday.

Our books came on Friday, so I have one week to get all my planning/organizing done. We start on the 27th.

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Oh, yes! I'll be praying for you (along with praying for my son, who begins his Ph.D. studies on Monday along with writing lab duties!).

Your room looks wonderful! I'm so very impressed and can hardly wait to hear all about your first week. :-)

ukrainiac said...

I can hear your excitement in how you explain each part of your room. I will pray for your week...

By the way, seeing your class' verse: have you read The Micah Mandate? Great book!! Might be able to incorporate bits and pieces throughout the year...

Dana said...

Wonderful pictures, Janie. So much funis planned for these students that they wont know they're studying/learning :) I expect your enthusiasm will spill over onto your charges, creating impressions they will remember for a lifetime.

Blessing for the coming year.

Dana in GA

Donna Boucher said...

Thinking of you this morning!!!

And I said a little prayer too :o)

Circle of Quiet said...

Good morning, Janie. I am thinking of you and praying for you as you start today. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

LOVELY room,

desert mom said...

Beautiful, Janie. The whole room looks so fresh and homey--I especially like your corner. I look forward to hearing how things go. Your students are so fortunate!

Carol in Oregon said...

Your day is 2/3 done right now, but I am praying that it finishes with a flourish.

Beautiful pictures, Janie.

I'm so excited with you.

It is very inviting. Your enthusiasm (God inspired) is a thing of beauty. I'm sure it will catch on with the students.

Blessings, my friend.

Linda said...

That is a beautiful school room. I love the flowers and the brightness and neatness, like a clean slate waiting for all the creative doings of the youngsters that are coming soon to fill it. I am sure they will be inspired and also feel secure in such bright, orderly, and friendly surroundings.