Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I thought I'd take a moment to check in and tell anyone who still stops by this place that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I have been wonderfully busy. But very tired. It is a good kind of tired. My feet are tired even when I get up in the still early morning hours to catch a wee bit of reading before the daily routine begins. But the tiredness has not traveled up my body to my mind. (Well, at least not most of the time.) When I have a little longer than a few minutes, my mind jumps into high speed thinking "what if I do" this and that.

I have had some great mountaintop moments with my little flock so far. I really, really do love what I do. It is so fulfilling.

Speaking of those few spare and quiet minutes, when I drive those twenty minutes every morning as the sun bursts over the horizon in glory, I have been listening to a lovely devotional on CD. I've had Hearts on Pilgrimage for over a year and have intended to write about it often, but never have. Each track of the four CDs is about fifteen minutes of prayer, scripture, readings from ancient to modern theologians, and some wonderful vocal music. It is just right for my drive. The only difference is that the Hearts on Pilgrimage has more traditional music and the second Hearts volume has more contemporary music. I'm by far NOT a contemporary fan, but these selections are so tastefully done, I will have to say that contemporary is growing on me.

I do not have much extra time at all nowadays, but it is getting a little better. My intention was to blog on Saturdays, but those have been full for the past month. Maybe I will become more regular before I lose all traffic to SS!

Hellos to all my fellow bloggers---you know who you are! The few times I do have time to scoot through your site, I don't have time to type comments. I do think pleasant thoughts of past communication though!


Carrie K. said...

I'm finishing up the last of my Summer Reading Challenge books (a little late) and each time I pick it up, I think of you and wonder how you are doing. Thank you for the update!

DebD said...

I used to read a daily devotional based on the Lutheran Lectionary. It also had readings from modern to ancient theologians. It sounds like a very nice way to drive to work.

Kathleen Hamilton said...

So good to hear from you! I still check your blog most days to see if you have thrown us a tidbit :-).

I did begin an Autumn Reading Challenge, by the way!

I'm very glad things are going so well for you.

Carol in Oregon said...

Checking in. Thinking of you. Missing you. Worried about your feet. I quit wearing heels 15 years ago.

Do you have time to do any reading outside the curriculum?

Even though you are silent now, the imprint of your life remains with me.
Certain books, certain CDs, certain author names never fail to bring you to mind.



cat in black said...

So nice to see your blogwords again. You will never know how much your daily musings are missed. A peppermint foot soak was my dear granny's remedy for 40 years on her feet as a first grade teacher. My childhood memories are saturated with visions of sitting beside Granny on the couch, sharing a book while her feet were in a dishpan of hot water and peppermint leaves. Wish I had some peppermint to send you for your tired old tootsies :-)