Sunday, November 25, 2007


Need a Snow Day?

This snow is really all the snow I want this year. Although real snow will bring real stay-at-home snowdays, I do not think I want the bother of the mess right now.

I'm tired. Very tired. And my enthusiasm is quite ho-hum. I shared with my husband this morning that I believe the reason is mostly due to the discipline problem students (two of them) that I have. The problem is not limited to my classroom. And the cloud that accompanies this case is growing darker every day. The only ray of brightness I see is the parent - teacher conference that is to happen toward the end of this week. But all the other conferences that have been scheduled have been canceled by the mom. I am beginning to think that the administration's bark is much bigger than its bite. And I think the students involved have known this for a while. The climate that is brought to the classroom by these students creates more of a battleground than fertile ground to be cultivated for which a Christian school should be.

Over the next four weeks, I have two weeks of instruction that must be finished, one week of exam prep and review, and a week of exams. Then two weeks off for Christmas. And hopefully some rest.

My nightly bedtime reading has not changed - two to three pages, and I'm out. I did manage to finish and enjoy the second book of three in the Rebecca Series, By Many or By Few by Walker Buckalew. Now I am enjoying the newest Jan Karon book, the first in her Father Tim novels, Home to Holly Springs. My bed is a longed-for relief these days.

By the way, if you go to the site above by clicking here, you can print some beautiful flake designs. A good little activity for my sixth graders as I read Jotham's Journey over the next few weeks.

Hopefully, the next free time I have to post will be a brighter one!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

One of my husband's best friends from high school taught in a Christian school for many years. He finally stopped because the school became full of those students whom the public schools didn't want to deal with anymore.

I've been told the situation is like that in a couple of the Christian schools in our area. Very sad, especially when one hopes to influence kids in a good way and the authorities make it difficult to deal with the few trouble makers.

I pray for you to have wisdom (you already are learning long suffering). :)

Carrie K. said...

I'll be praying that the mom will come for the conference and be willing to make changes to bring some discipline into the situation. That must be so difficult! On a much smaller scale, I had the same frustration whenever I volunteered in our church's nursery. It is amazing how many parents would rather look the other way than discipline their kids.

I'll be reading Jotham's Journey to my four kids this Advent season, too. It's been a few years since we read it the first time, and now the boys are all old enough to appreciate it.

DebD said...

Like Brenda, our area has similar issues. Often Christian schools are the last hope for many parents of troubled teens and because of money issues the schools are reluctant to turn them away. It makes it quite hard for the teacher, stuck in the middle.

Michelle said...

So good to hear from you on your blog again! I'll be praying for you, for grace and strength and wisdom. You are in a difficult situation. I understand your dilemma completely.

I also understand the exhaustion you face with reading! I used to read several books at one time and could easily finish a couple of books a week. However,for the past couple of years I've felt so swamped trying to keep up with my older two girls' reading material, both Great Books and other reading, that I'm pretty whipped when I hit the sack. I'm able to keep my eyes open for about three pages of the last book in "The Indian in the Cupboard" series by Lynne Reid Banks!

Queen Bee said...

I love reading your blog, I get so many ideas from you. Please don't ever stop writing to us. I'm praying for you, while you are obediently sharing God's love to others and their children.

Dana said...

I was wondering how long before a discipline issue came up. You are such a fine teacher, I was hoping that this dilemma would not get you down.

Praying that the parent(s) have teachable hearts....