Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sobering song

Before my classroom fills with growing little sixth grade bodies, I want to share a wonderful song I have come to love. Jennifer Klein sings "Ordinary Things" is a lilting, clean voice, and the words touch me every. single. time I hear it.

Ordinary Things

It's the ordinary things of our ordinary lives
that display the greatness of our God above.
It's the ordinary things of our ordinary lives,
so that, when we open up our eyes we see
The extraordinary love of God.

In our friendships and our families,
in love's warm embrace.
In our joys and in our trials,
and when someone shows us grace. [chorus]

In our wealth and in our poverty,
in cold winter's rain.
When we're helpless and we're hopeless,
and we feel the sting of pain. [chorus]

In the blooming flowers and cloudless skies,
in children at play.
In our sleeping and our waking.
In the work that fills our day. [chorus]

©Jennifer G. Klein (ASCAP), 2003

Enjoy your ordinary day!

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