Monday, December 31, 2007

One resolution

I used to make resolutions for the new year. The typical sort of stuff. This activity comes easily to me because I am, by nature, a listmaker.

More than a few years ago, I stopped making resolutions and instead wrote reflections. But, I've not done that since I started doing the reading challenges.

But today, I have made one resolution.

Be it resolved that I will toss in the trash every catalog I receive in the mail.
Catalogs include
❄ Coldwater Creek
❄ Monterey Bay
❄ Chadwick's
❄ The Teaching Company
❄ all the other catalogs that regularly get tossed
After several months of living out of a packed closet because I have not had time to switch seasonal clothes from closet to closet as I usually do, I finally did it today. And I found out that I have plenty of clothing, not that I ever thought I didn't, but I really like clothing. And shoes. Since I've started working, I've been able to more enjoy wearing the clothing I had, and getting clothing I liked. From catalogs (my favorite method of shopping).

I have lots of jackets and tops to wear under them. I love jackets. And I wear them with slacks. Black and mocha are my favorite slack colors. Blue is a close third. I will wear black slacks probably three times a week with different jackets and sweaters.

Coldwater Creek has beautiful jackets. If I watch carefully, ones that I like in the catalogs (that I get every. single. week) will go on sale. Coupled with a coupon, the purchase is very reasonable. BUT, I do. not. need. any. more. jackets.

Thus, the resolution.

Also, I plan to contact each company that sends the plethora of catalogs to my address and have them remove my name from their database. I've done this before and it is very effective.

I do not need another Teaching Company course either. I have several backlogged because I do not have time to listen to them much anymore. They will continue to have sales, so when I'm in need of a new course, I can look up one at that time.

As I cleaned off my home desk last week, I came across an article that I'd printed and never shared. Albert Mohler's "Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books" is a boost to any of us in a reading challenge. I smiled when at these words: "Maintain regular reading projects. I strategize my reading in six main categories..." because that is what I try to do too.

My next activity of the day is to clean out my beside-my-chair-reading-box and restock it with the every day selections for 2008 plus the first morning book. Then, I hope to make a firmer list for 2008. If I don't get this done today or tomorrow, it won't get done after I go back to school on Wednesday. And I hope to make a greater effort to guard my morning reading. That, and the hope of adding some walking time, will present a great challenge for me. Both will have to be finished by 5:30 a.m.


Carrie K. said...

My best friend gave me a "beside my chair reading box" this year, and it was one of my favorite things all year long.

Happy New Year, Janie!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Happy New year! I read that Mohler article last week and thought it was great.

I won't give up my Teaching Company catalogs, but the rest can go! I do put them in the recycling bin as soon as I look through them, though ;-).