Monday, December 24, 2007

This morning I've had time to pluck around more than anytime over the past six months. I've been thinking about what few books I can handle to participate in the Winter Reading Challenge. One thing led to another (you know how that goes on the Internet, don't you!) as I pondered adding Wendell Berry's Hannah Coulter to my list.

The first path showed me that Hannah Coulter is not an easily found book. It is out of print and used prices in my most common searches are high.

It was during the second path that some excitement and longing (or was that just plain envy) erupted. Dear Mr. Wendell Berry teaches senior English at Highlands Latin School, the school founded by Cheryl Lowe.

What I would give to be a student in his class! I hope those students know how rich an instruction they are undoubtedly receiving.

Hopefully my little reading challenge list will be up soon.


Carrie K. said...

Oh, can you imagine being in that class! I'm jealous of those students.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Janie!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Wow! That's incredible about Wendell Berry. I read Jayber Crow a few months ago, and Hannah Coulter is on my Christmas list. By the way, it's definitely not> out of print! It's listed at, and also available at many other websites. Here's one I particularly like: Cumberland Books.

Seasonal Soundings said...

Hi girls! Thanks, Kathleen, for the Cumberland Book link. The link on that page for Family Reading is a perfect one to give to my students' parents. When I searched at Amazon for Hannah, the only thing that came up were the used copies for $23! Then I searched for other editions and viola! There the new ones were! I'm not moaning since I had already found one at BN for under $6.

Merry Christmas!