Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolution Distillations

I started out firming up my Winter Reading Challenge book selections. Once school starts Wednesday, I know time will not provide me an opportunity to think long about this.

I have a plastic box beside my everyday chair that is perfect for storing my morning reading books, audio CDs, journal, and notebook. I clean this out once a year, usually at the end of December in preparation for the new reading year. This afternoon as I cleaned the box out and refilled it with books.

I am going to read through the Bible with Max McLean again this year and use my new Literary Study Bible. For the Winter Reading Challenge, I should finish Genesis through Numbers. The other book I will read in the mornings will be Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education (Greene). I'm not really looking forward to this book. From the table of contents, this will be a repeat of many other books I've read on this subject, but I
have to read this book for ACSI certification. The other book that I plan for my morning reading is The Shaping of a Life (Tickle). (I'm really looking forward to this since her other books were so insightful. Every time I think of Phyllis Tickle, I think of Madeleine L'Engle. Every time I see similaries.) If I finish with that one before the end of the Challenge, I will start re-reading Wisdom and Eloquence to help guide me in some upcoming plans at school.

For my evening reading, I'm planning Teaching out of the Box (Johnson), Inklings (Jeschke), The List (Dixon), and Critical (Cook).

In addition, I plan to read The Great Tradition with an online group. Reading this will last until February 2009.

As I considered how I was going to fit reading The Great Tradition into my schedule (and keep up with the group), I got out my faithful planning pad. Since there are some other things I want to do my best to accomplish this year, I thought I'd better work on a schedule to see if these activities are possible.

I always schedule stuff. I'll even figure out how much time it takes to do something and work backward to see when I need to begin. I want to do these things when school starts back. I hesitate to say "I resolve" because so often my plans fail. By scheduling something, I see it is possible but contingent on the before and after entries.

My seven determinants to framing the schedule are

Do not bring school work home.
Leave school by 4 p.m. except for scheduled meetings.
Read on Sunday afternoons.
Start walking everyday: walk with Leslie Sansone in the morning; walk outdoors after school.
Walk on Saturday mornings.
Complete the next week's lesson plans by Friday at school.
On Saturday mornings: walk, clean, any schoolwork; once monthly: bake bread, grocery shop.
My greatest downfall this past semester was to let school take over my life. Sometime around Thanksgiving, I quit bringing schoolwork home on the weekdays. I know some week's I will have to type reading guides or tests, but often I can type an entire chapter's worth in a Saturday afternoon. I know that I cannot keep these "resolves" perfectly, but I can be purposeful to try. And the two that I really want to accomplish are to not bring work home and to walk everyday.

Thoughts were disentangled and distilled over the keyboard. May I have the strength, will, and passion to accomplish them.


Queen Bee said...

May the Lord walk with you every day. God bless you.

Dana said...

Glad that you have had some time to blog over the holidays. I've missed you!! May 2008 be a really good year for you and your family!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

I'm with Dana--it's been great catching up with you!

Seasonal Soundings said...

Thanks, girls! It's been good blogging again! I visit you all but usually don't have time to leave a comment. I guess I just window-shop!