Saturday, February 02, 2008

On the path of getting ducks in a row

The meeting about classical education on Monday with the administrative committee was very positive. There were many head nods of agreement as I presented the nuts and bolts of classical education.

There were some who were more reticent to change. To them, that's what we are doing now. That may well be in a limited sense and within a particular classroom. But the scope of CE surrounding K through 12, not just one particular classroom. The more reticent are older teachers, too, and probably more resistant to change whether they realize it or not.

The admin-assistant also sent me two pages of well-thought out questions for me to address. These questions are typical questions parents, in particular, will ask. I am in the process of answering them in between lesson planning and grading.

I did not not the effect of the meeting for days later other than the obligatory thank-you's. At the end of the week, the admin-assistant told me that four copies of a particular book about implementing classical education were being ordered. This book is not about theory or rationale; it is about scope and sequence and curriculum. I think the idea has been embraced!

Also, the admin-assistant shared with me my proposed schedule for next year. Since I've tooted teaching history and literature concurrently since the first day I interviewed there, they remembered and have worked hard to schedule me for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history and English back to back in that order with a planning period at the end of the day. No study halls, but a very full schedule. Good news is that I've already done half (6th grade history and English and 8th grade history). Some curriculum will change but even so, the pattern is set. She also shared how she is working to sequence history and literature together, and that in two years, we will have all classes sequenced together.

I have been ambivalent whether or not to work there again. I love the distance; it is only a twenty minute drive, whereas the "dream" classical school is a fifty minute drive, and I really don' t want to drive more. I also was waiting to see the reaction to transitioning to classical. With such hard work from people-that-matter, I think classical education is on the road to happening over the next few years. I can see benefit in staying put and continuing the job in which I've invested so much time, effort, and thought.

Good things are beginning to happen. Thank you from my heart's depth to those of you who have thought to pray about this situation. The Lord is good and hears the prayers of His faithful.


Carrie K. said...

It sounds like very good things are happening - I'm glad for you!

ukrainiac said...

Your perseverance over time and commitment to classical education is being rewarded now. Your thorough preparation, and your enthusiasm, I'm sure, played a part in opening ears to hear. And the prayers opened the hearts... Well done! How exciting to be an agent of change -- now there will be at least TWO "dream" schools in the area!

Seasonal Soundings said...