Sunday, April 06, 2008

The home stretch has begun.

Two months from Monday will find me waking up to this sight. Right there. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina--the east coast's nicest stretch of beach to many of us.

But there is much, very much, to do before relishing this view. Between now and then are standardized testing, finishing much-behind history, continuing grammar instruction, and for the greatest challenge, deciding history texts for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. A new "job" I
have been given is to decide and present what I believe is the ideal classical curriculum. Big job. Big responsibility. Big dreams. Unexpected turn-of-events.

All these necessaries will fina
lly be finished, and I'll pack my suit (swimming, that is), my beach chair, and yet-undecided-volumes of captivating books to enjoy in relaxing hours soaking up sun and the ambient ocean sounds.

Two months. They will fly by. Just like this school year has.

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Kathleen Hamilton said...

Wow. You'll probably enjoy that vacation more than ever! Where is it?