Friday, July 04, 2008

Books and reading


Sometimes I think I love books more than reading.
I do love reading.
But I have a difficult time finding TIME to read.
With so much to be done right now ABOUT and WITH books,
I rarely have time to actually read.

Do you ever find yourself like this?

And the odd thing is that I LOVE to read books ABOUT books.

Go figure!


DebD said...

Yes, I can relate. My GoodReads list can attest to it. Not only do I not have as much time these days, but when I do sit down to read I fall asleep!!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I know exactly how you feel!

There were a couple of months recently where I was too busy to read much of anything.

However, just keeping a stack of books "to be read" by my bed made me feel better. :)

I, too, love books about books.

Charmaine said...

I agree. As a homeschooler I am always reading about reading, and reading to my kids, but not actually reading for myself often enough. Your post made me smile!

Jeff Miller said...

Reading a book about books now...

10 Books that Screwed up the World & 5 more that Didn't Help Any

It's rather interesting.

Glad you are able to blog for a bit- nice to hear you write!