Thursday, July 24, 2008

My reading life....right now

I found this book in my mailbox at school with a short note from our Dean of Students scribbled on the back of a used piece of copy paper. This book, along with this one, are part of her clean-out, undoubtedly. Several other volumes from her became part of my classroom collection earlier.

I'll start The Day They Came to Arrest the Book tonight after justing finishing Gervase Phinn's Head Over Heels in the Dales early this morning. Phinn is just a delight to read. Perfect for me right now--the James Herriot of English schoolteachers.

I thumbed through Where Books Fall Open and found a lovely poem that describes my current reading life to a T:

Reading Myself to Sleep

The house is all in darkness except for this corner bedroom
where the lighthouse of a table lamp is guiding
my eyes through the narrow channels of print,

and the only movement in the night is the slight
swirl of curtains, the easy lift and fall of my breathing,
and the flap of pages as they turn in the wind of my hand.

Is there a more gentle way to go into the night
than to follow an endless rope of sentences
and then to slip drowsily under the surface of a page....
~Billy Collins

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Sherry said...

Oh, I really like that poem.