Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday's comin'!

That's when I go back to school. I've worked all summer long and suppose I've been productive. But I'm not finished.

The last two weeks have been more than hectic and stressful. My mother has some sudden and severe health problems that have yet to be explained. Tomorrow is another day of tests. As school nears and her problems unresolved, the stress is rising. Praying for answers this week.

I thought I'd share a new blog I've developed. It's in baby stages but time has prevented me from doing much with it. The technology teacher and I were collaborating on how to efficiently use computers with the students. The school developed a nice computer lab last year with fifteen computers, so we need to begin using the lab frequently. I suggested that we use free blogs to post homework, reviews, links for extra work, interactive exercises, etc. These blogs can be bookmarked on the lab's computers for save and controlled research. The students will be by using only the links I provide for them on the blog. I proposed integrated learning by teaching the students how to use the Internet while working on history. The idea took off and he asked me to develop something that could be used as an example for other teachers.

I think this will be an excellent tool and a great place to put things that would otherwise use paper and get lost. At least this one place will house material that can be used, amended, and saved from year to year.

Come see Through the Ages!

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