Monday, March 02, 2009

A Snowy Monday in March

We haven't had a good snowfall in several years. At least one that resulted in 4-5" of snow, that is. Until this year, on March 1.

School canceled yesterday afternoon with the prediction of the snow. And I won't be surprised if we are out again tomorrow. The temps are supposed to get above 30 degrees, so not much melting will happen. And there is ice under the snow.

Soooo, I awoke to brilliant light as the sun rose, crept out of bed to pour a hot cup of coffee, and snuggled deep down in the warmth of my bed to relaxingly read for an hour. How I treasure minutes like these now! I am reading a fascinating book now. Several years ago I found a used copy (these books are out-of-print now) of Sir Christopher Wren (Gould) from the Immortals of History series. Why-oh-why publishers let great books go out of print is beyond me. These books, similar in style to the famous Landmark series), impart a wealth of valuable information written in an engaging manner with obviously superb language skills. I learn more from books like these, which were originally written for young people, than I do from protracted works written for adults. Anyway, I bought it then but by the time it arrived, our history studies had moved onward and it was shelved. Until this week when I revisited this time period. Such an interesting book!

After an hour or so of uninterrupted reading, I fixed one of those huge breakfasts that normally only happen around the holidays. After all, this is a special day!

With most school work done (though I do have one stack of papers yet to grade), I hope to spend the afternoon relaxing with a book and a cup of hot lemonade (a new favorite cold weather drink). If I don't fall asleep for an afternoon nap I never take, I plan to start reading Real Education (Murray).



magistramater said...

It sounds like a delicious morning. The "leisure to read" is my best definition of wealth.

Kristine said...

Wasn't it wonderful? I loved that it was already sunshine and blue sky that first morning! It was just like Colorado snow, and Colorado had wonderful snow weather!