Tuesday, April 07, 2009


....me, rather, we are planning a trip to Europe this summer!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that this would happen, but it has.

Sixteen days in

Rothenburg.....Rhine Cruise.....Cologne.....Amsterdam.....Brussels.....London.

Now, how in the world can I focus to finish school this year! Five weeks of instruction left for me after spring break next week, and I've got to really push to wrap things up.

I'm just giddy and holding my breath that things don't fall through!


Dana said...

How exciting!! Enjoy the planning, my friend--and enjoy the trip!

desert mom said...

That sounds like a wonderful but exhausting trip! I've been to London, Amsterdam, and Florence; loved, loved, loved Florence!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful, Janie! Don't forget to visit de Grote Kerk (St. Bavos) in Haarlem, Holland! It's very close to Amsterdam; just a short train ride away, and is where Corrie ten Boom and her family lived. Do you remember that great picture I showed you?

Here's a link:


Please, take lots of pictures and post them on your blog! You will have so many rich things to share with your students when you return!

Michelle in MO

Sherry said...

Congratulations! I feel as if my friend has won the lottery.

Enjoy. (Can I come, too?)

Anonymous said...

And just WHEN were you going to tell ME? I see how it is! ~ Ashley

magistramater said...

Oh, oh, OH!!! HOW wonderful!!! How exciting! This is just exquisite. And the planning is almost as fun as the going.

I am SO EXCITED for you!


Given all things said...

I want to go!