Friday, May 15, 2009


I love what I do. I have always loved what I do. But, sometimes, under the very difficult situations of recent days and months, I've not been able to find the usual enjoyment of teaching.

But that enjoyment has returned.

My 8th graders began reading The Hiding Place which dovetails nicely, precisely, with our history. To finish the book during class before the end of school, we will have to plow through it. Since the story is interesting and the students know the history, the work is enjoyable.

As we read, I am making a PowerPoint of all the places mentioned in the book. For me, if I can have a picture in my mind, the story becomes vivid. So far, I have multiple pictures of the ten Boom house, the Grote Markt, Haarlem, St. Bavo and the huge organ on which Mozart played, and the clock tower in Amsterdam by which Mr. ten Boom set his watch.

Doing all this, having the kids interested--even reading on their own at night--has caused the love of learning and teaching bubble up inside me.

I am looking forward to great things next year!
I'm excited!

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