Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fourteen days until this...

I'm taking some use-them-or-lose-them personal days the last full week of school to enjoy this. Yes, this is exactly where I will be. Just beyond the pier. I cannot wait!

Though I am extremely weary from this stressful year, my mind's energy was renewed in a quite unexpected way this past week. Monday promises new leadership at school. I didn't realize how burdened I was until I heard this news. The cloud of "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" is replaced with the sunburst of "Great and Mighty is the Lord our God."

The next two weeks will be packed with tying up loose ends, trying to find reasonable conclusions in history, final tests (no exams), packing for the beach week, thinking ahead toward our European trip, all amid the regular activities of daily life.

My lightheartedness has returned. I see hope for where I am. I anticipate a great upcoming school year. I am eager to work this summer on finishing my cumulative history plan. I am almost stress free. Life is good. The gray of the past year is gone. Color is exploding. The sun is shining. Glorious green is everywhere in nature, thanks to all the rain we've had. And God is sufficient for all my needs. Hallelujah!


Dana said...

Glad that you are going to be able to enjoy some much needed time off!! Are you, by chance, going to the ACCS conference in June?

magistramater said...

Thanks be to God.

TTA said...

Dana, I would love to go the ACCS but my summer is so crowded now. I hope to go to SCL conference next summer which will be held in MY state--in Williamsburg!

Carol, Amen!