Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's almost here...

Having my morning coffee with this as the backdrop will begin my six days of rest and relaxation. Friday will find me trekking south for seven days. Leaving immediately after school (in fact, maybe after my last class at 2:10), I'm taking a stack of essays that HAVE to get graded. So, I figure I'll grade while my sister drives. That way I'll be busy---I don't sit idle well---and the papers will get done!

Stashed in my beach bag are Tears of the Giraffe (McCall Smith), Body of Evidence (Cornwell), All that Remains (Cornwell), and E is for Evidence (Grafton). They won't all get read; in fact, I might not even make it through one if my recent reading practices continue. Nonetheless, they are there for my enjoyment. I hope to reestablish my walking routine each morning too, and continue when I come home.

Summer will be short this year, and I will have to get all of whatever preparations I need before mid-July before our big trip. I am really excited about this next school year which promises some really good changes. I am eager to be part of anticipated academic enhancement. The weight of this past year's problems has lifted, and I feel like I'm going to sail!

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