Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moses, the fawn

While I was enjoying the beach, Emily rescued a day-old fawn whose mother had been hit by a car. Moses was walking around in the middle of the road late one evening. Emily couldn't leave him to suffer the same fate as his mom, so into the car he goes.

He stayed in her room and her car until he was adopted by an animal rescue group. Emily has always had a gift with animals. She fed him with a baby's bottle, made a little bed for him out of a box and towels, and gave him tender loving care. So much so, that when she turned him over to the rescue group, he bleated and bleated for her.

She'll never forget this. I do wish I could have met him.



Given all things said...

I wish I could have met Moses, too! We have some similarities- he likes sleeping, and shoes, and nature, and getting out of the house, and eating, and hugging. What a precious creature!

Dana said...

Gracen thought this was "too cool"!

desert mom said...

I'll have to show this to my communes-with-animals 15 yo son, though I suspect it will start him dreaming of rescuing a needy fawn.