Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anchors Aweigh!

Friday, my sister and I took our 87-year-old mother on a luncheon boat cruise on one of two large lakes in my county. Although the temperature was 90 degrees, the breeze from the moving boat, the sunshine, and the blue-green water was the backdrop of a delightful day.

I love the color of deep lake water.

Looking off the stern.

From the middle of the lake

On three of the shoal warning posts, Ospreys have taken up residence. On a three inch pole, the ospreys have built a nest of sticks, and laid and hatched three offspring.

Two fledglings are visible, but a third is there too. Amazing. They won't be there much longer.

I love water pictures.

Summer colors in 90 degree heat. We really wanted to just jump in!

After a nice luncheon on the first level, we went upstairs and wished we had known that we could have eaten up there.

This man-made, river-fed lake was developed after this small hydroelectric dam was built in 1963. It took three years before the lake reached full level. The lake has 500 miles of shoreline.

Lots sell for over a million dollars and the homes viewed from the water are phenomenal. Many celebrities have get-aways nestled around the lake. They often fly in to the small airstrip right beside the lake.

What a nice trip! They even host school groups. Wouldn't that make a nice fieldtrip with a local historian narrating the trip?

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