Thursday, June 25, 2009

Convergences, coincidences, connections

I love it when harmonic converges happen, even if they are small.

Today, in The Christian Almanac:

"1115: In an isolated valley in Champagne, France, the energetic and ambitious Cistercian monk Bernard founded the famed monastery of Clairvaux. It became the most magnificent in all of Europe--but also its most morally pure. There he sought a return to the strict rule of St. Benedict. As as result of this spiritual integrity, Clairvaux grew so rapoidly that it soon became necessary for it to found sister monasteries. in all, Bernard directly founded seventy monasteries. These in turn founded some 183 others."
And, today in Brunelleschi's Dome:
"In the twelfth century, the Cisterican abbot Bernard of Clairvaux condemned the vast height of the new Gothic churches that were rising everywhere across France."
Convergences or coincidences. That doesn't matter. They are all connections.

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magistramater said...

I love them too! They make me smile.