Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting sidetracked

My to-do list is my guide. Without it, I would accomplish very little and waste all kinds of time.

This summer's to-do list fills a double-columned sheet of college-ruled notebook paper. (I've got a lot to do this summer.) From there I make a daily list. The next day, I make another daily list, but first add those things from yesterday's list that I didn't do. Whenever I completely finish a task, I mark it off on the double-columned college-ruled notebook paper master list. Now that's a mouthful. I gives me almost proud pleasure to put that straight line across a to-do task. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit off-kilter because of the giddy exhilaration I get from that two-second act.

So, today, I dutifully made out my today's list. By the way, the today's list is on a smaller piece of paper, something I can stick in my pocket. It is a must that the list walk around with me all day. It is kind of my Exelon patch.

Anyway, I made out today's list at o'dark thirty (whenever I wake up, I get up. What's the point in laying around when I know I won't go back to sleep and I've got so much to do?). As I began to get things going--typing history questions--I somehow find this great online spelling site which is free. (I know, how did I end up on a spelling site online when I started on with history in a Word document? Just one of those many and frequent rabbit trails I find myself on.) Anyway, I can post my entire list of weekly words to the site. Their program will take my list and arrange oral practice, games, and testing of my specific list. And on top of that, the site saves the list by our school's name. Kids can work on this at home or in the computer lab. How cool is that! If you don't get all excited with me over that, I understand. You aren't itching where it will scratch. But, if you are an educator, especially with a list already and of multiple kids who need some variation in boring spelling, you will understand my thrill.

I just had to tell someone. I could call one of my teacher-friends, but they might think I'd really lost my marbles since none of them teach spelling. So, I won't call one of them. I can't tell anyone here (no one's here but the cat) and Meagie just doesn't understand anything but "food" and "lap," or maybe that's "nap."

So, I'm telling you all. I know you're thrilled. Beyond belief.

That was said sarcasticlly. But, if you really and truly are thrilled and want to know just exactly what distracted me from my dutifully-made to-do list, you can check out this cool spelling tool. Then you can tell me if you feel my glee. :)

Now back to history. Gotta be able to mark that off the list by tonight!


Dana said...

Thank you!! I have been looking for a spelling something to try--nothing so far has been a keeper!

Sherry said...

Hey, thanks. I really like that. And it's free, right?

TTA said...

Hope this helps you girls as much as I anticipate it helping me! And YES, it is FREE! So many amenities, and free!