Monday, June 15, 2009

Mountain roads

We have mountain roads here since we live at the very foot of the Blue Ridge mountains. Some roads are more curvy than others, especially if you've never driven on them before.

But the mountain roads on which we will be traveling in a month will take my breath away and probably cause me to dig my fingernails into the armrest.

Look at a section of Gotthard Pass connecting Switzerland and Italy.

This is a section off of Google Earth showing a long stretch of Gotthard Pass. Just look at the height of those mountains! Clicking on the picture will have a better effect.

One thing I am adding to my summer to-do list is to compile a photo journey of maps in a PowerPoint to show to my students when we return to school. Hopefully, if that gets done, I will be able to easily insert the pictures I take while actually there. I think that would be a neat treat for the kids! And a memorable keepsake for us.

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magistramater said...

Oh wouldn't it be fun in a sports car? We have one near us similar to your top picture: it's called Rattlesnake Highway. It traverses down a steep canyon and up the other side.

I'm so eager to hear about your trip!