Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be still and know that I am God

How real this truth has become to me this week.

For those of you readers who know about the our school and the dismissal of the administrator late this spring, you also know my passion for classical education.

As I hurried through the past three days trying to wrap up as much as I could to make the beginning of school easier, I learned that our board had just hired a new headmaster.

That made me really nervous. I wondered if haste would mean jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Then just as quickly as I learned we had a new headmaster, I learn who it was. This man just opened a K-8 classical school at the other end of the county. Not only is he an award-winning educator, a terrific fundraiser and speaker (both necessary contributions of a headmaster), he is a classical educator! He is not just an interim, but our permanent headmaster.
Never, ever, did I expect that to happen.

I am so excited that this news almost pales tomorrow's beginning of my trip-of-a-lifetime! I am just so excited. My dream for years has been to open my own classical school, which nowadays is just financially impossible. The next best thing was to teach in a classical school, which was not really feasible because of distance. The next best thing after that was to implement what I could classically into my own classroom. I never, ever really thought that we could implement classical so easily into the school AND get a classical headmaster all at the same time.

God is good and can do great and mighty things in the midst of our struggles and hardships.

I envision that we will now be able to move the school beyond academic and spiritual medicrity and toward academic and spiritual excellence.

I've always loved what I do, but I've not always loved that I was not teaching in a classical school. Now, I really love what I do!! I am just so excited! We can really make progress with the transition now. Please join my thanksgiving to God for this journey!

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