Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Student's Creed (almost final version)

Thank you all who sent suggestions! This is the almost-final version. I still will take suggestions!

The Student’s Creed

I am a student,
called by God the Creator to think his thoughts after Him.

I am a gatherer of truth
with others like me.

I seek to serve the Creator
and His creation of which I am part.

This will always be my mission,
and I will not accept defeat.

I will discipline myself to study,
seeking to have a healthy body, mind, and heart
that I might possess the truth and be possessed by it.

Ignorance and falsehood are my enemies,
and I will strive to overcome them as God gives me strength.

I will always thirst for knowledge.
I will never stop learning.
I will never stop asking questions.
I will never stop thinking.
I will strive to cultivate wisdom, virtue and truth
through meditation on
the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

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