Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let me just say...

...that if it was all up to me, I would move to Franklin, Tennessee just to worship at Parish Presbyterian Church where George Grant pastors.

For almost fifteen years, I have longed for the structure and sound of liturgical worship exemplified in Parish Presbyterian Church's recent worship bulletin.

Much of my desired personal edification in life is incorporated into PPC's worship: following the liturgical year, reflective and relative quotations, reams of rich music, and corporate--meaning participatory--worship. And, of course, listening to George Grant "rightly dividing" or handling the word of God.

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magistramater said...

I'm with you, Janie. SO with you. We have college friends who indeed moved to Franklin, TN. We urged them to visit PPC, but they are in a different place, liturgically speaking.

I must add that our service is very very similar to the one in that bulletin. It is rich and I come away nourished and refreshed.