Saturday, October 31, 2009

Listening... Golden Autumn (Fariborz) and The Garden Gate (Maroney) on Pandoria Radio clean clothes bouncing in the dryer

...the cat purr on my lap

...leaves fall in the misty rain

...the rise and fall of my laptop windows as I work through the daily necessaries of school preparations for another week


...Psalm 71:18: Even though I am old and gray-headed, let me teach another generation...


magistramater said...

I love Pandora and I am eager to listen to your selections.

Great thoughts, Janie,


magistramater said...

I liked them! Here's a suggestion for you in return. Go to Genre Stations and choose British Folk. I'm listening to Connie Dover (who is she? shrug) singing Wondrous Love at the moment.

Thanks to you, who introduced me, I have a Phil Coulter station too.

Miss you!