Monday, December 14, 2009

CABG - a new acronym for me

Acronyms are used abundantly today. Every discipline has its own.

CABG belongs to the medical community. Particularly the cardiac profession.

CABG = coronary artery bypass graft, or maybe more familiarly as simply a "bypass." It is not spelled out with letters, rather, it is pronounced as you would cabbage, the vegetable.

How do I know? Well, our oldest daughter is a post-cardiac surgery nurse and bats around all kinds of acronyms when talking about work.

But today, I know it personally when my husband's cardiac doctor came in to talk to us following his second catherization this morning. My husband has a bad cardiac gene pool and had a cath done five years ago with a stent placement. There were some blockages then, but minor enough to be managed medically with one stent.

Today's cath shows 80-90% blockages in 5 arteries. It is a wonder he is still alive and walking around.

Plan: see cardiac surgeon on Wednesday for surgery within the next few days. If he didn't have to come off of a particular medication five days prior to surgery, they would do him tomorrow.

Until then, he will only do very basic ADLs. The doctors do not want him to risk a heart attack. His health would be vitally compromised if that happens.

So, Christmas this year looks a little different. Until then, life will be day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. And we will trust that the Lord will supply his health.

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Anonymous said...

Got him on my prayer radar, Janie. Please keep me posted.
Cathy Leonard