Sunday, December 20, 2009

The hard day

Today is the rough day--the "this was a big mistake" day. ICU-deprived sleep plus pain makes one a bit ...negative. Finally, he's in a regular room, lights off, shades darkened, and door closed. He now can rest one hour at a time in between checks. I'm in my really protective mode now.

After an hour of better sleep than he's had since surgery 48 hours ago, Ashley got him up, took him on a walk around the unit, and did some nurse-y tending to which was exactly what he needed besides rest.

I was able to get here only because Ashley drove the Blazer. Even though the driveway was plowed, I'll never get back up it in my car until it melts a good bit. And our secondary road hasn't been touched by a plow. Good thing I came prepared to stay over, just in case.

Get this: I have to call in tonight to see if I have jury duty tomorrow. What do you think the chances are of holding jury screening tomorrow with half the county without access to the main roads? I'd say zilch, but you just never know. :)

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