Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home again...

...and all is well.

The next few weeks are for recovery, rest, and rebound. With an outstanding prognosis, we anticipate that all will be normal --we hope better than what normal was-- by May. Just in time for us to engage in a few travel jaunts.

Around A. D. 397, Augustine wrote some contemplative thoughts that are appropriate for the season:

Maker of the sun, He is made under the sun.

In the Father he remains, from His mother He goes forth.

Creator of heaven and earth, He was born on earth under heaven.

Unspeakably wise, He is wisely speechless.

Filling the world, He lies in a manger.

Ruler of the stars, He nurses at His mother's bosom.

He is both great in the nature of God, and small in the form of a servant.


Carol in Oregon said...

Oh Janie, I've been absent from your blog for just long enough to miss the HUGE stuff going on. I am praying for your husband's continued recovery, thankful that he is home again.

Carol in Oregon

JSD said...

Ah, Carol, yes, what a Christmas this has been. He's recovering uneventfully, but the boredom is going to get to him, I think. Thanks for your prayers!