Saturday, December 05, 2009

My 10 day forecast

Checking the weather this morning finds this map for the day, reminding me that my personal forecast might resemble this weather if it could be thus represented. "When it rains, it pours" is the adage that forecasts coming events.

Today = Make lesson plans for the next two weeks.

Mon. - Thurs. = Plow through English, history, and geography. Make sure to finish A Christmas Carol.

Fri. = Lead twenty-six students and six parent drivers on a two-hour drive to see a play production of A Christmas Carol.

Sat. - Sun. = Finish details on lesson plans for the final grading week; be attentive to sub plans.

Mon. = Day off to accompany husband for repeat cardiac catherization. I fully expect surgery to follow immediately or soon thereafter. Detailed sub plans must be finished in event of that.

Tues. = Jury duty. Detailed sub plans must be finished.

Wed. = Who knows! Either in the classroom or in the hospital room. Detailed sub plans must be finished.

Thurs. = Jury duty. Detailed sub plans must be finished.

Fri. = Last day of school before Christmas break. Last day of the grading period = grades must be completed asap.

Sat. - Tues. = Drive my 88-year-old mother to Pennsylvania to sister's or be nursemaid to recuperating husband.

Wed. = Cook for Christmas dinner if there is one.

Extended forecast throughout Christmas break = Complete lesson plans for the month of January for sub. More jury duty for part of three weeks. Look forward to Spring Break when maybe I can relax.

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Anonymous said...


How overwhelming! I will be praying for you, for God's grace to be on you and for peace and endurance until Christmas vacation. I will definitely be praying for your husband's surgery, too.

Michelle in MO