Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anemone or amenity

Two words added to my Word Usage list:

anemones - colorful plants, often found in the sea

amenities - added conveniences

Why? Yesterday, as our car salesman dutifully explained his warranty information, he said,
"As you can see, this plan will cover all your power train, (etc. etc.) and these anemones plus . . . ."


Anne said...

Ha! That made me laugh out loud! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been pondering the question you asked a while back about what our goals are in classical education.

Although these ideas are not original with me, I found them in a journal I used to record sessions of a conference.

The Classical Mind

1.Trained in the classical disciplines--the 7 liberal arts, the arts of reasoning, math arts, verbal arts.

2.Energized by classical interests:
glory, beauty, truth, goodness

3.Cultivated in classical tastes:
restraint, proportion, nobility, honour, justice, propriety, purity, loveliness, praise

4. Experienced in classical ideas:
freedom, justice, truth, virtue

The student can:

a. glorify and enjoy God

b. move freely and joyfully in the sea of truth i.e. reality

c. ask the right questions in the quest for knowledge of truth (and use the right metaphors to answer the questions)

d. cultivate all the skills, powers, disciplines, and virtues needed for life

I love going back over my notes. It thrusts me forward again.

Blessings on your quest, and many thanks for all the gems you share. I'm constantly stimulated here.

Honey Bee

JSD said...

Nice summary of goals, HoneyBee! Thanks for sharing them.

I know what you mean about going back over notes taken earlier. I find the same thing.

Thanks for your nice comments. They mean a lot. :)


Anonymous said...

"I'm afraid if you don't have a membership card you cannot use any of the club's amenities." - "I don't want an amenity. I had to eat one of those while I was lost at sea and it was terrible."