Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Captain's Dog

I love this book. Just love it.

Detailed information written in captivating language gives The Captain's Dog (Smith) a high place on my list. Whether or not you are interested in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, you will find this book rewarding.

Told through the eyes, and sometimes nose, of Seaman, Captain's Lewis' dog, the reader will learn about the crew of the Expedition, the fauna and flora of the Louisiana Territory, and different Indian tribes the crew met in their travels.

Not only is it a rousing good story, the vocabulary is perfect to stretch the minds of my seventh graders! Author Roland Smith introduces new vocabulary on almost every page of the book, but as he does so, the words are understood through the context of the sentences. Very few words will float by completely unknown.

To insure my students remember their new words past the page they are on, I made them bookmarks to record the word and the page number found.

I just love a good book!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just added this to my Wish List (where I park books I'm getting the grandchildren).

Elisabeth is just beginning to read bigger books but I'm thinking this will be good for Stephanie to read aloud.

I love stories told from an animal's perspective (as in Ben and Me).

Thanks for the review! I read even if I don't comment often.

JSD said...

Glad to see you, Brenda! You and your grands will love The Captain's Dog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great recommendation for this book. I have it, but have not yet read it. I was delighted to find it again this morning and will put it on my "soon to read" list.

Right now I'm reading Mireille Guiliano's new French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook, Walter Isacsson's biography of Einstein (and I'm tracing Einstein's thoughts on various themes, such as humour, friendship, education, creativity, fun, simplicity, time management, success, etc.--just for my own enrichment), and Dr. Joey Shulman's books, The Last 15 (a wonderful book on nutrition and weight loss from a medical perspective--and it works! I've just lost 12 pounds, and plan to keep on going) and Healthy Sin Foods, and John Wooden's book, Coach Wooden's Leadership Game Plan for Success. I just finished Robin Sharma's treasure of a book, The Leader Who Had No Title. I'm also reading The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey's son Stephen. These last two are really inspiring.

Another great read was Leading From the Front, by two ladies who had been Captains in the Marines, and were sharing their stories and leadership lessons. Just delightful.

I'm able to share these leadership lessons, at a basic level, with my little class. Helpfulness, responsibility, initiative, teamwork, hard work, always courteous, perserverance, etc.

Most of my books I borrow from the library. I did buy Dr. Shulman's books today, because I want to really use them to work on new habits of nutrition, as well as have the resource (it's so full of helpful charts and information)I need to teach nutrition to my second graders. I think I'll call the unit "Eating the Rainbow", an idea from the magazine, Mary Jane's Farm, the April-May 2010 issue. Then I picked up Martha Stewart's Colour Issue today containing more palette ideas.

We certainly have a multitude of resources available to us in these lands of ours. We are blessed beyond measure.

Thanks again for all you share. I love to check in here.

God bless you magnificently.
Honey Bee

JSD said...

Hi Honey Bee! Thanks for your nice comments. I just love talking books! Thanks for stopping by!