Saturday, October 23, 2010

WORK, Work, and work

Just dropping in to say to any SS readers still around, I've not died and gone to heaven. Not yet!

So many things going on this fall. All good, but very busy.

Most every weekend has been full of many things to do. I've not had much time to simply stop and think. Not to mention read. :(

School is going so well. Even though I have used the past two years to lay lots of groundwork, it seems there is always something else I want to incorporate into my plans. And those just take time to do.

This year's big successful venture was finishing the history workbooks for student use. They love them because the coilbound book keeps all there reading questions and maps together in one place. Neatly! And it is perfect to now implement cumulative material into tests.

So, I am finishing the work on a similar English workbook. It will include a year's worth of spelling and vocabulary, all English note sheets, and literature questions.

The one thing I must decide, and am seriously contemplating, is to include sheets for all the homework. At first that sounds just ridiculous: Why would I do that instead of having the students write their homework assignments on notebook paper?

Well, students aren't the most organized people in the world! They lose stuff all the time. And that takes away valuable class time as an interruption. If pages were included in the workbook, it makes checking homework--or at least checking to see that it has been done--quick and easy. If I don't include homework sheets, I may have to rescind my no-spiral-notebook ultimatum. I hate those cheap spiral notebooks that students buy. Their wire gets bent, pulled, out of shape quicker than the blink of an eye and usually on the first day of classes. And the annoying little confetti-sized pieces of paper from tearing out a page litter the floor constantly. So, I must still think about all that. I think the students would appreciate having everything in one place, so I may decide to include homework pages too. That would probably make one fat book, adding about 60 extra pages. But it might just be worth it. Brainflash: I'm getting ready to start a new chapter. Since I hand out an entire chapter of notes at the beginning of the chapter, maybe I will add sheets for all the homework also and test the plan.

I love it when I can disentangle my thoughts over the tip of a pen (click of the keys)! This is precisely how this blog is most useful to me. Disentangling my thoughts!

On top of classwork, our strategic plan in finalizing. I'm now Scope & Sequence Coordinator. Beginning in 2011, the next three years will be filled with developing and coordinating a new scope & sequence for each major discipline. The work looks massive. But it is what I've been longing for since our homeschooling journey ended.

So, I've been busy. I haven't fallen off the globe. But I do plan to travel the globe again next summer in the midst of all the previous work considered!

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